Colton Shea

Apprentice Auctioneer




Colton Shea is a graduate of the Ward Elliot Institute of Real Estate, and the Kentucky Auction Academy. Colton lives in what he considers to be the best small town in America, Bowling Green, Kentucky, because this is the only place that he truly calls home!

After traveling the globe searching for the opportunity for what felt like a right fit, he has found his best opportunity right underneath his nose by becoming a Realtor and Auctioneer in his local area. Colton is a lighthearted spirit with the tenacity to get things done. If you’re looking for someone who gets straight to the point, you’ve found him.

In his spare time he enjoys serving in hopes of maintaining a healthy relationship with the Lord and his family. He is also a musician who enjoys bringing joy to people through sound as often as possible! Colton got married in the Spring of 2016 to his beautiful wife Madison, so he understands new beginnings. He grew up with three brothers so he can also guide through the dynamics of family needs. He loves helping people realize their dreams for a great living space and/or investment. In his opinion “Good enough, never is”, and he works with that expectation in mind wherever he is needed!


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