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What does auction advertising that says “estate auction” mean?

The word “estate” in an auction advertisement means that the owner of the property has passed away.

What does auction advertising that says “living estate auction” mean?

Occasionally you may see a “living estate,” which means we are selling the assets of the owner, who is still living.

What is a “Turn Key Auction Process”?

We offer a “Turn Key Auction Process” meaning that from our clients’ first consultation to the closing of the sale, we handle everything. This takes a huge burden off the family so they can concentrate on other things while we take care of the entire sales process.

What is an Auctioneer actually saying while selling?

It has been said that an Auctioneer is simply carrying on a one-way conversation. The main point is for the potential buyer to hear the numbers they are calling with a great amount of clarity. Most Auctioneers, depending on what they are offering, will sell in what is known as a three-part chant.

Part 1 is a statement, part 2 is a suggestion, and part 3 is a question.

For example,
“25 dollars bid” is the statement.
“Now 30” is the suggestion.
“Would you give 30” is the question.
“Are you able to buy um at 30” is another question.

If you put all three parts together you have an auction chant:

“25 dollar bid Now 30 Woody Give 30 ye able to buy um at 30
25 now 30 woody give 30 ye able to buy um at 30
25 dollar bid here now 30 woody give 30 ye able to buy um at 30”