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The Progressive Auction Group began with a vision to provide a solid, professional auction experience for both buyers and sellers. The key to this vision becoming a reality was education and professional training. Since that time the Progressive Auction Group has grown to include a number of Professional Auctioneers uniquely trained to represent all segments of the market.

The Progressive Auction Group includes KY State Champion Auctioneers, Certified Estate Specialists, Certified Auction Institute Graduates, and Benefit Auction Specialists. Additionally, our Auctioneers include the prestigious Professional Ringmen’s Institute. The members of the Progressive Auction Group are active at the State and National level representing Kentucky and the United States in furthering the professionalism and integrity of the Auction Method of marketing. Furthermore they have committed to training others to become Professional Auctioneers as well and have trained auctioneers from around the country and Canada at the Kentucky Auction Academy. All members are either Owners, Instructors or Graduates of the Kentucky Auction Academy.

Their experience spans across the nation in conducting real estate. Through 1,000’s of transactions they have assisted buyers and sellers in working through multiple types of specialized auctions in order produce satisfying results. The Progressive Auction Group understands that the way to become successful is to help others become successful.

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